DemTruk folding cart with roll-off platform

Dem Truk folding and collapsible carts were designed from the ground up to help you easily load, unload and haul equipment such as medical equipment, copiers, office equipment, beverage equipment and more. The Dem Truk allows one person to do the job of several.

Loading and unloading is a snap due to the Dem Truk’s adjustable heights. And, because the dem truk equipment cart is collapsible, folding the Dem Truk down to store right next to your equipment during travel just takes a few seconds. Take a minute to watch the video.

How It Works

Dem Truk – Easy to Maneuver 

The operator is shown pushing the load to her vehicle. The rubber tires give her equipment a smooth ride over rough surfaces.

Folding Carts at Variable Heights

At the highest loading height of all the sport utility vehicles, she effortlessly rolls the platform off the undercarriage into the vehicle.

Collapsible Carts – Easily Adjusted

She then lowers the platform supports into a folding position by simply flipping a latch on each side and sliding the supports in a downward position.

Salesmaker Carts are Time Savers

After folding the side supports downward and pulling the side walls together, she is then ready to place the undercarriage into the vehicle. The four step folding procedure can take less than five seconds to complete.

Folding Carts – Easy to Handle

In the folded position, the lightweight, 29 pound, compact undercarriage is lifted by its convenient handle and placed next to the loaded platform.

Dem Truk – Just Makes Sense

The compactness of the undercarriage allows extra storage room in your vehicle for other items. The undercarriage folds to only 8″ wide by 12″ high and 36″ long. The 500 pound weight capacity unit is 10″ wide when folded.

The 500 The 300
500 lbs. Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
23″ to 35″ Loading Height 23″ to 35″
33″ x 24″ Platform 33″ x 24″
39″ x 24″ Larger Platform
12″ High Undercarriage 12″ High
38″ Long Folds to: 36″ Long
10″ Wide 10″ Wide
5″ Front Wheels 4″
9.5″ Rear Wheels 6.5″
42 lbs. Undercarriage Weight 29 lbs.

Need more room? No problem with the Dem Truk.

Folding carts are your solution….the Dem Truk.

Folding carts and collapsible carts have really come a long way thanks to Salesmaker Carts. Surely by now you have seen the advantages the Dem Truk offers the many businesses currently using them…

So do you, and your business, a favor today and give us a call to better determine if the Dem Truk is right for you. It could very well prove to be one of the most important phone calls you have ever decided to make for your business.

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